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Billionaires take over worldwide entertainment news

Billionaires take over worldwide entertainment news

The Battle of the Billionaires has taken over entertainment news, just one day after the billionaire bitch slap heard 'round the world rocked the WrestleMania 23 press conference. A multitude of news sources are covering the event; below is just a sampling WWE.com has found.

The Hair vs. Hair match leads ABC News' entertainment page, offering WWE fans a chance to vote on what they think of Donald Trump without hair. Continue...

The news channel points out that "Trump has 50 percent chance of losing hair." Continue...

FOXNews says, "Imagine The Donald -- without the hair." Continue...

The WrestleMania 23 press conference topped the celebrity gossip and news site today, saying it would be a "blessing" if Trump has to shave his head. Continue...

Multichannel News
Multichannel.com covered Wednesday's press conference. Continue...

In addition to the online stories, the Battle of the Billionaires coverage continues:

• ESPN's SportsCenter named yesterday's slap as its No. 8 Play of the Day.
• The New York Post features its own Battle of the Billionaires Tale of the Tape today.
• WrestleMania highlights CNN's TV ticker.
• The Associated Press story on Trump vs. Mr. McMahon is the No. 3 most viewed entertainment story on Yahoo.com, and is being picked up by news sources around the world.
• Trump and Mr. McMahon were the two most searched items on Forbes magazine's official site Wednesday.
• Additionally, the Battle of the Billionaires has been featured in more than 70 television stories across the United States.
• Trump and Mr. McMahon were special guests on Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends Wednesday morning. Continue...
• Mr. McMahon talked business on CNBC's Fast Money Wednesday night. Continue...

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