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No fear

No fear
"I feel good," said Batista, moments after defeating Mr. Kennedy in the Royal Rumble Rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship on SmackDown. "I really want to focus on No Way Out and then dial in on WrestleMania, which will be the biggest match of my career."

Although Kennedy did all he could to try and capture the title from The Animal, this rivalry, at least according to Batista, is over.

"This was the last chapter between me and Kennedy," said the World Heavyweight Champion. "He has been a thorn in my side ever since he showed up."

At WrestleMania, Batista will put his title up against Undertaker, a match he views as a welcomed challenge.

"It's an honor, it's a privilege, and I feel like it is one of those things where I feel Undertaker chose me because he respects me the most," said The Animal. "I think he believes I am the most formidable opponent."

Beyond those feelings of respect, Batista knows what he is up against when he puts the title on the line against the streak of 14-0. Many WWE Superstars would be wary of the challenge, but The Animal is not most Superstars.

"I don't think Undertaker would ever take the easy road, but I'm up for it," he said "I'm not intimidated at all by him. I know that's his game [intimidation], but it wont be a factor in our WrestleMania match."

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