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Interact with AT&T Mobile Vote

This Sunday, WWE fans will be a bigger part of WrestleMania than ever before. Viewers will have the opportunity to take part in three AT&T Mobile Votes during the show.

While the pay-per-view is taking place, WWE fans with AT&T phones can text message their responses to questions concerning the three main events.

During the Battle of the Billionaires, WWE fans should send a text message with the appropriate keyword to 993 to take part in the Battle of the Billionaires Mobile Vote. To vote for Vince McMahon to lose his hair, text "Vince" to 993. To vote for Donald Trump to lose his hair, text "Trump" to 993.

During the WWE Championship, WWE fans who want to take part in the WWE Championship AT&T Mobile Vote should text either "Cena" or "HBK" to 993 to vote on which Superstar they think will win - John Cena or Shawn Michaels, respectively.

During the World Heavyweight Championship, viewers who want to take part in the World Championship AT&T Mobile Vote should text "Batista" to 993 if they think Batista will retain his gold or "Taker" if they believe Undertaker will continue his WrestleMania winning streak. 

The AT&T Mobile Vote marks the first time in sports-entertainment history that WWE fans can take part in interactive votes during WrestleMania.

Watch the WrestleMania broadcast and be sure to catch WWE.com's WrestleMania pre-game show, hosted by Josh Mathews and Maria, and let your voice be heard.

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