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In the money

In the money
Mr. Kennedy's attitude and persona sometimes cast a cloud over his abilities, but after defeating Sabu on ECW on Sci Fi in an Extreme Rules Match to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania, few can deny the talents of the cocky loudmouth.

It is fitting that WrestleMania 23's theme is "All Grown Up," because as Kennedy told WWE.com, when he was a kid, he always heard about WrestleMania from his friends.

"I was never allowed to watch a WrestleMania until I grew up," said the SmackDown Superstar. "So to actually be here, to be living it and to be going to WrestleMania is a dream come true."

Sentiments aside, he was quick to point out that he has defeated seven World Champions in less than a year. If all goes as planned, after April 1, he will earn yet another victory over another World Champion to achieve the ultimate prize.

"I will capitalize on this [opportunity]. Edge called himself Money in the Bank after he won. RVD called himself Mr. Money in the Bank after his victory. And, after I win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, people will call me Mr. Kennedy -- the next World Champion."

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