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HBK: Undeterred

HBK: Undeterred

Less than two weeks after coming up just shy of a victory in the Royal Rumble Match, a supremely focused Shawn Michaels finally got his WWE Championship opportunity locked in for WrestleMania 23. HBK won the coveted opportunity by pinning Randy Orton at the tail end of an exhausting Triple Threat Match with Orton and Edge on Raw.

Now with the WWE Championship match for WrestleMania set in stone on April 1, you would have to be a fool to miss the biggest event of the year live from Detroit, Mich., With the WWE Championship on the line, Michaels faces his World Tag Team Champion partner John Cena in the main event. Will Cena retain his gold? Or will the title be claimed by the former 3-time WWE Champion, HBK?

"Once again I find myself shocked and amazed that I am at this place in my career and in my life," Michaels stated just moments after pinning Orton. "I am very excited, I am going to take this as the gift that it is. I go into WrestleMania every time just trying to create memories."

John Cena, a Superstar who has created countless memories for WWE fans, spoke out about the match that will most likely go down in WrestleMania history. "It's a toss-up, at this point we're partners. It's one of those things where we're going to set our differences aside and may the best man win. Essentially [HBK and I] are cut from the same mold; he can take an ass-whipping and still come out clean on the other side. It will be uncharacteristically physical. I am in for a hell of a match."   
WWE fans around the globe are in for a hell of a show as WrestleMania 23 crashes into Detroit, Mich., for the first time in 20 years.

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