Edge def. Mick Foley (Hardcore Match)

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April 02, 2005

The Rated-R Superstar managed a gruesome victory over the Hardcore Legend at WrestleMania, but he paid dearly to improve his perfect WrestleMania record.

Ultimately, Edge speared Foley through the ring ropes and through a flaming table on the outside. Edge eventually recovered enough to make the winning cover in the falls-count-anywhere environment, but he was left twitching, bleeding and burned. As he finally rose in triumph, thumbtacks still protruded from his back. After absorbing blows from a barbed wire baseball bat — having steel and wire rip and tear and puncture his flesh all match long — it was unclear if Edge would ever be the same. Still, it was an intensely impressive win for Edge under conditions that seemed to favor the Hardcore Legend.

Along with thumbtacks, barbed wire, bats and other steel objects, Foley had a few special surprises for Edge. When the Rated-R Superstar connected with a spear, he reeled from the impact, grasping his arm which shockingly was sliced wide open with blood pouring from the wound. Foley grinned his sadistic grin, removed layers of clothing and revealed that he was actually wrapped in razor wire. He was a human torture device for his opponent. Foley also later succeeded in applying a barbed-wire Socko clawhold to both Lita and Edge. But ultimately, Foley would be forced through the air and a wall of wood and flame to be covered by Edge.

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