The untold stories behind 10 WrestleMania matches that almost happened

Mr. McMahon vs. Mick Foley: WrestleMania X-Seven

“I was under the ridiculous notion that I would never wrestle again [laughs]. I thought when I had that final match at WrestleMania 2000, that it really would be my final match. Had I known that I would be back three years later and would be continuing to make sporadic returns, I would have taken advantage of that opportunity to beat up Mr. McMahon and make what probably would have been a nice sum of money for the evening.

“I politely declined the match, and I was able to take part in some memorable vignettes with Mrs. McMahon, including one that involved slicing a grapefruit in half — a very symbolic act. And I was able to play a referee role in the match that Mr. McMahon had with his son, Shane. I was glad to be part of it.

“Looking back, I wish I’d have taken advantage of the opportunity. It’s one of my three biggest regrets in my career. I also should have taken part in the first Eddie Gilbert memorial show, and I also should have written the foreword to Lou Thesz’s book when I was asked. Those are my three main regrets.

“From then on, I think I was the boy who cried wolf. I don’t think my relationship was ever the same with Mr. McMahon or the company.” — MICK FOLEY

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