D-Generation X def. Spirit Squad (5-on-2 Handicap Match)

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June 25, 2006

The numbers were in the Spirit Squad's favor at Vengeance in the 5-on-2 Handicap Match. Unfortunately for them, those two men weren't ordinary RAW Superstars…they were two of the best ever, Shawn Michaels and Triple H. And when all was said and done, the reunited DX overcame the odds to defeat the cheerleading quintet.

Prior to the match, DX even tortured Mr. McMahon a little bit as well. The WWE Chairman was on his toes all night long waiting for DX to strike, but they did it when he least expected it. As the chairman went into his personal restroom, he was nailed by a cloud of green smoke that left his face resembling that of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Once the actual match began, DX did a good job of keeping the Squad at bay early. Already sporting a bloody nose, Johnny entered the ring and tried to imitate the Karate Kid; unfortunately, the spirit of Ralph Macchio couldn't help him avoid getting clobbered by Triple H. DX even took a page out of the World Tag Team Champions' book, double-teaming poor Johnny as the rest of the Squad hurt their own cause by distracting the referee.

Finally, the numbers game caught up with DX as Johnny stopped HBK's attempt at nailing Sweet Chin Music on Mikey. Kenny then viciously nailed HBK with a chair and the 5-on-1 attack was on. The Squad kept Michaels isolated from The Game, brutalizing him mercilessly for several minutes.

Just when things looked bleak for DX, Michaels avoided a double-team and made the tag to Triple H. The Game was a house of fire, and the Squad flew in all directions as he nailed them one by one. As he brutalized Kenny however, the other four Squad members isolated HBK outside the ring. Unfortunately for them, HBK ducked a flying attack from Mikey and he ended up barreling into the rest of his teammates.

HBK then climbed back into the ring, and that was pretty much curtains for Kenny. He walked straight into a Pedigree, and Michaels nailed a returning Mikey with Sweet Chin Music for good measure. Three seconds later, DX had the victory secured.

Following the match, the rest of the Squad tried to attack again, but they all took a Pedigree or some Sweet Chin Music for their trouble. To add the ultimate insult to injury, Triple H dropped his pants; HBK then pulled poor Mitch up, and DX inducted the first member into their own "Kiss My Ass Club."

Mr. McMahon came out to the entrance stage to watch the shenanigans, and as DX celebrated their win The Chairman could be heard saying "congratulations…I'll see both of you tomorrow night."

DX got the best of McMahon and the Spirit Squad at Vengeance…but what does the WWE Chairman have up his sleeve for the degenerates now?

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