John Cena def. Sabu (Extreme Lumberjack Match)

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June 25, 2006

At Vengeance, WWE's John Cena survived Extreme Rules in defeating ECW's Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying Maniac, Sabu. The former WWE Champion came out the victor in an Extreme Lumberjack Match that included steel chairs, Singapore canes and a table. In the end, it was a submission hold that put Sabu away.

The match, which was made when Sabu won an Extreme Battle Royal on the world premiere of ECW on Sci Fi, was supposed to include ECW lumberjacks only. However, a pre-match ruling by Mr. McMahon evened the playing field when he ordered the ring to be surrounded by not only ECW Extremists, but also RAW Superstars. 

The match itself was every bit the all out brawl that the Charlotte crowd expected. In the early stages, the competitors took advantage of the ringside lumberjacks. Sabu and Cena repeatedly tossed the other outside, feeding their opponent to their respective brand-mates.

Eventually, Sabu took control of the contest, playing off the Extreme Rules format to unleash a brutal assault on the RAW Superstar. Sabu utilized his favorite weapon, a steel chair, to deliver a patented Triple Jump Moonsault, Triple Jump Legdrop and later an Arabian Facebuster.

Unable to score a pinfall, Sabu again threw Cena to the outside. Outside the ring, Cena was able to temporarily regain control. The WWE Superstar fought off the Extremist Lumberjacks and even F-U'd ECW's Stevie Richards on the arena floor. Eventually, the Extremists regained control and laid Cena on a table for Sabu to drive him through. 

Thankfully for Cena, the RAW lumberjacks responded and freed their representative from the Extremist grasp. The former WWE Champion got hold of Sandman's cane and used it to greet Sabu on his way over the ropes.

Back inside the ring, Cena hit Sabu with a chair, and F-U'd the ECW legend through the table that was still set up at ringside. The WWE lumberjacks rolled Sabu back in the ring where Cena was eagerly waiting to apply the STFU. Seconds later, Sabu tapped out, giving Cena and WWE a huge Vengeance victory.

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