Randy Orton def. Kurt Angle

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June 25, 2006

At Vengeance, Randy Orton finally got his revenge. The Legend Killer finally conquered the Wrestling Machine, taking advantage of an exposed turnbuckle to RKO ECW's Olympic Hero.

Several months ago during the King of the Ring Tournament, Kurt Angle made Randy Orton tap out to the ankle lock, in the process, breaking Orton's ankle and forcing the WWE Superstar out of action for more than two months. The Legend Killer made his return at ECW's One Night Stand to accept Angle's open challenge, but on ECW turf, the result was no different as Orton once again tapped out to the Ankle Lock. The next night on RAW, Orton challenged Angle to a match on WWE grounds at Vengeance and ECW's Wrestling Machine accepted.

The fans at the Charlotte Bobcat Arena were treated to an intensely fought, back-and-forth contest. Early on, the Legend Killer controlled the action, using a variety of headlocks to wear the ECW representative down.

Eventually, Orton would let his guard down and give Angle the opening he would need to take control. The RAW Superstar took to the top turnbuckle in an attempt to put Angle away, but the Olympic Hero came to just in time to capitalize and executed a belly-to-belly suplex off the top.

At one point in the action, a turnbuckle became exposed when Orton untied the protective padding. At the time it seemed meaningless, but later in the match, the exposed turnbuckle would prove to be the difference.

Later, Angle impressed both WWE and ECW fans alike when he executed a series of eight consecutive German Suplexes, seemingly taking the life out of the cocky young Legend Killer. Moments later, Angle looked for the kill. The Wrestling Machine locked Orton in the Ankle Lock, and to many, appeared to be just seconds away from victory.

Little did Angle realize that the turnbuckle that was exposed earlier in the contest, would only now come in to play. Pulling from his deepest reserves, Orton was able to power out of the Ankle Lock and propelled the ECW Extremist into the exposed steel. Seconds later, Orton rose to his feet and RKO'd Angle for the victory.

After the match, WWE.com caught up with Orton to get his comments on the big victory. "He cleaned my clock at One Night Stand, but tonight I did what I had to do to win. He didn't secure the Ankle Lock on me until it was too late. I used my momentum and my agility and to throw him right into the bullseye which was the exposed turnbuckle. He was knocked woozy for a minute and I was ready for the RKO. That's all it took."

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