WWE Champion Rob Van Dam def. Edge

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June 25, 2006


At Vengeance, ECW's Rob Van Dam once again proved the critics wrong as he successfully defended his WWE Championship over RAW's Rated-R Superstar, Edge.  The Champion survived interference from Lita, and later, used a 5-Star Frogsplash to score the 1-2-3, retaining the gold he worked for more than 15 years to hold.


Prior to the match, Edge came out to address the Charlotte crowd. First, claiming the Carolina fans had nothing to do with the Hurricanes' Stanley Cup Championship, and then promising the fans that he would be reclaiming the WWE Championship and delivering a second live sex celebration on Monday's RAW.


During the match however, Edge failed to deliver on his promise. ECW highest flyer relied on his extensive array of aerial tactics to control the match and keep the Championship in ECW hands. Van Dam used a standing moonsault in the ring, a flying moonsault outside the ring, and a modified top rope Rolling Thunder to electrify the Bobcats Arena crowd.


Edge got his fair share of offensive maneuvers in as well, first taking control when he incapacitated the Champion with a sunset flip powerbomb off the apron to the arena floor. The RAW challenger followed up the attack with another vicious powerbomb, this time into the ringside barrier.


Back in the ring, an errant martial arts kick knocked the referee out, giving Edge and Lita a chance to team up to give the Rated-R Superstar an advantage. RVD hit the Van Daminator on Edge and then went up top for the 5-Star, but Lita pushed the ECW legend off his feet, allowing Edge to spike the Champion with a DDT off the top turnbuckle. The referee recovered but it was too late as RVD kicked out. 


Edge and Lita went for another double team tactic, but it backfired with the end result seeing Edge spear a steal chair. Van Dam capitalized, hitting the 5-Star Frogsplash and securing the pin. Van Dam once again defied the odds and kept the Championship in ECW hands.


After the match, Van Dam was greeted backstage by John Cena. The triumphant Champion addressed the RAW Superstar. "You had balls to show up at One Night Stand, and you had balls to show up at ECW on Sci Fi…that's something I admire. I know you feel slighted because you never got a rematch for the belt. A lot of people think I'm holding your belt, but I'm not. I am the Champion. Here's what I suggest. Tomorrow night, you and me, live on RAW for the WWE Championship."


Cena responded, "I didn't come into your house and beg you for a rematch. You took everything away from me. That's not the John Cena spinner belt, that's my life. You wanna come to RAW tomorrow night and give me a shot to take that back? See ya tomorrow night Champ."


Afterwards, the Champion had this to say about his Vengeance match. "It was very physical and that's the way I like it. I've always said my strength is in endurance, the kind of endurance that allows you to absorb a lot of punishment and still be the guy that comes out on top. The match was under WWE rules but it still got very brutal and it was a very important victory for me because I'm still proving myself as a Champion. A lot of the talk was that tonight would be my last night as WWE Champion and go back to doing my ECW thing. That's not how it happened tonight, I'm still the Champion."


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