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There will be at least one Victim at Vengeance

Whenever D-Generation X is on the loose, there is sure to be some victims to their antics and physicality. Triple H and Shawn Michaels are hoping that theory plays out this Sunday at Vengeance when the duo faces all five members of the Spirit Squad. There’s also plenty of bad blood throughout the rest of the pay-per-view as John Cena takes the fight to ECW in an Extreme Lumber Jack Match, Edge vies for Rob Van Dam’s WWE Championship and Ric Flair and Mick Foley go 2 out of 3 Falls in a match that has history dating back to Foley’s days in WCW. So, with such a combustible situation waiting to happen, it’s only fitting that Vengeance’s theme is a song called Victim by Eighteen Visions.

The band’s lead singer James Hart said that he thinks the song is a perfect fit for what is sure to be an explosive event.

“Lyrically, it’s an aggressive song,” said Hart. “It’s kind of like a big F you. The song starts off really heavy, and it’s kind of like a get up and go song. It just has a lot of energy and a lot of aggression, and songs like that fit perfect for aggressive events such as this one.”

Hart has been a wrestling fan ever since he was a kid, so needless to say, he was excited when he found out he’d be providing the theme for a WWE event.

“I was stoked. I’ve seen other bands have song on over the years for pay-per-views or heard them during Monday Night RAW or SmackDown. I think it’s just cool to be involving music with wrestling, so I was definitely stoked when I found out what was going on. It’s just an honor for us.”

Growing up, one of Hart’s favorite wrestlers was WWE Hall of Famer, Bret “Hit Man” Hart.

“My favorite growing up was Bret Hart because he had the same last name as me,” said Hart. “I liked the Hart Foundation a lot. I also like Triple H just because he’s a total bad ass.”

Not only is Hart excited to be involved with WWE because he’s a fan, but he’s also excited because of the exposure his band and song will get.

“I think that the majority of the male demographic (that watches WWE) likes to listen to heavy rock and aggressive music because that’s what wrestling is all about,” said Hart. “So, I think people hearing the song, and having access to the website and being able to go check it out will help out a band like us, especially since we’re a new band to a lot of people.”

Eighteen Visions may be a new band to many people, but the band has been together for several years. Joining Hart, Keith Barney plays guitar, Ken Floyd plays guitar, Mick Morris plays bass and Trevor Friedrich plays drums. They have been together for a while, but according to Hart, they’re starting to really hit their groove.

“We’ve just kind of really figured things out over the last couple of years as far as what feels right for the band and the direction of our musical content. Everything is starting to fall into place for us,” said Hart. “For this first time, everything feels real; everything feels like it should be going this way. Before we kind of just let things kind of happen instead of making things happed. And as far as our new record (which will be available July 18) is concerned, we went for it, and we went after it, and we made the record that we wanted to make. We made a different type of record, and for somebody who has never heard us before, they’ll hear a completely different record from start to finish with 12 great tracks but also 12 different types of tracks.”

Fans will get to have their first taste of the new album with the Vengeance theme song, Victim.

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