Big Show attacks Undertaker

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September 07, 2008

CLEVELAND -- Big Show appeared to arrive at Unforgiven to voice his concerns with being overlooked by SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero for the WWE Championship Scramble. Armed with the results of the WWE Universe's text voting -- which saw 77 percent of our fans agree that Big Show should have been included in the Scramble -- Show proceeded to berate Guerrero for her decision, before shocking everyone in Cleveland and attacking Undertaker, who had come for Vickie's soul.

The WWE Universe played witness as an angered Big Show assaulted Undertaker, and then assisted Guerrero as she got in her own cheap shots, leaving The Phenom down in the center of the ring. After weeks of claims that he was wrongfully left out of Unforgiven's WWE Championship Scramble Match by Guerrero, Big Show made sure that everyone saw the impact he could have.

Last week on SmackDown, Undertaker vowed that at Unforgiven he would come for the soul of Vickie Guerrero. The GM, on the other hand, showed she was not afraid of any Superstar, confronting Big Show and Vladimir Kozlov as they prepared to brawl -- a confrontation that may have foreshadowed the deception and betrayal of The Deadman.

Did Vickie and Big Show plan this attack after Undertaker sent Edge to hell? What will The Phenom do after being blindsided by The World's Largest Athlete?

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