Divas Champion Michelle McCool def. Maryse

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September 07, 2008

CLEVELAND -- Before a capacity crowd at Unforgiven, Divas Champion Michelle McCool overcame her outspoken challenger, Maryse, and walked out of the Quicken Loans Arena with WWE's newest championship. 

From the moment she entered the ring, Maryse glittered with confidence. And, as the intense, fast-paced match progressed, it quickly became clear that she was prepared to do whatever it took to become the Divas Champion. But, the unwavering Michelle would not be denied, meeting each assault with a rebuttal before executing a front face buster to finish off her sultry challenger.

Since becoming the first-ever Divas Champion at The Great American Bash, Michelle has pledged the high road, making her top priority to bring integrity and class to her reign. Meanwhile, Maryse has openly voiced that she believes she is superior to any Diva in WWE, claiming she possesses the highest standards which automatically entitle her to hold a championship. 

In the weeks of escalating tension leading up to Unforgiven, Maryse aggressively pursued her golden opportunity. She went as far as to attack Michelle at the conclusion of their tag team match on last week's SmackDown, initiating a knockdown brawl that would not be easily forgiven by the Divas Champion. 

Michelle warned her challengers that she would not lose her spot at the top without a fight. In the end, not only did she prove her words, but she lived up to every expectation befitting a true champion of sports-entertainment.

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