World Tag Team Champions Spirit Squad def. The Highlanders

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September 17, 2006

The time-tested theory that strength lies in numbers was affirmed on Sunday at Unforgiven. World Tag Team Champions, The Spirit Squad, made full use of their five-on-two advantage as they successfully defended the gold in an intense back and forth battle with The Highlanders.

Two weeks ago on RAW, the Highlanders won a number one contender's match to earn the right to face the obnoxious Spirit Squad at Unforgiven. On Sunday night though, the pride of Scotland fell victim to the same fate as every other challenger to the Squad's gold.

At one point late in the match, the Highlanders had things under control and appeared to be closing in on victory. However, with the referee's attention focused elsewhere, Squad member Johnny, who wasn't even in the match, jumped on the apron and knocked Rory senseless with the Johnny-Go-Round, allowing Mikey to put the eccentric Scot away with a facebuster.

Who, if anyone, will put an end to the Spirit Squad's annoying antics? Will anyone stop their reign and remove their grip on the tag-team division's richest prize? What's next for the Highlanders? Will the loss deter them in their quest for the tag-team gold?

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