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Toronto's fans pumped for Unforgiven

Toronto has long been one of WWE’s most popular stops; two WrestleManias and a SummerSlam have been held in Ontario’s provincial capital, and over 67,000 people packed into SkyDome for 2002’s WrestleMania X8 to set the building’s attendance record.

This year’s Unforgiven is no exception to that trend. Tickets for tonight’s event sold out almost instantly, even before anyone knew that hometown Superstars Trish Stratus and Edge would be in championship matches. WWE.com spoke to some of the fans outside the Air Canada Centre this afternoon, and everyone that commented couldn’t wait for the night to begin.

“I bought my tickets the day they went on sale; I’m a huge fan, I haven’t missed a show in three years,” explained WWE fan Mark. “Once I heard what the matches were, it made me even more excited.”

For one fan, it doesn’t matter which brand or what show comes to Toronto; he’ll be there.

“As soon as I see WWE is coming to Toronto, I get tickets,” said Jim from Toronto. “I like WWE so much I want to be here. I wanted to get the best seat I could (for Unforgiven) so I got my tickets as soon as they went on sale.”

“I’ve been a big WWE fan as long as I can remember, so I just had to buy tickets for Unforgiven,” added fellow fan Lisa.

WWE fan Paul is excited to see his first live pay-per-view.

“I’ve been to a few events,” Paul explained, “but never to a pay-per-view; I can’t wait.”

Many of the hometown fans were looking forward to see Toronto native Trish Stratus’ final match tonight; but of course, they were also upset that it was her swan song.

“I’m disappointed that Trish is retiring,” remarked Kayla, “but I hope she wins against Lita.”

The fans are pumped and ready for Unforgiven, which is now just around the corner. What will happen? The only way to find out is to catch the event live on pay-per-view.

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