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Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker for the WWE Championship

On Aug. 25 at SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar defeated The Rock to become the youngest man to ever bear the WWE Championship. But it would only get harder from there, as he was immediately targeted by the legendary Undertaker, who was still bitter over losing his fourth championship to The Rock just a couple of months earlier.

Lesnar’s agent Paul Heyman was helping him to become the next big thing in sports-entertainment, but that would require him to maintain his status through this rivalry with the Deadman. Despite clearly having the brawn necessary to defend the gold, Lesnar decided to play mind games as well. This didn’t slow down Undertaker, though, and the match was set to be the SmackDown main event at Unforgiven.

On two occasions, Heyman tried to interfere with Undertaker to give his client an edge, but each time he received brutal punishment from the Phenom. Heyman decided to go to the referee instead, which led to Lesnar sneaking a strike with the championship, busting his opponent open.

When Undertaker accidentally threw the champion into the referee, he missed a golden opportunity for the pin. With the ref unconscious, Matt Hardy raced into the ring and took punishment from the challenger, which freed up Lesnar to apply an unexpected spinebuster. When the referee finally came to his feet, he was knocked to the ground again with another accidental collision. This time, Undertaker stole a chair from Lesnar and busted his head open in retaliation.

Once the men returned to the squared circle, the match became more intense than ever. Each man traded blows, but when the referee woke up and tried to become involved, Lesnar grabbed him by the neck and backed him up to the turnbuckle. He then made an Undertaker sandwich between himself and the ref.

The bell finally rang to signal a No Contest, but the fighting continued. Referees swarmed the ring, but nothing could stop the brawling men. The show ended outside of the ring when Undertaker tossed the champion through a wall of the Unforgiven set. But whether or not the Deadman won that fight, the gold was still Lesnar’s.

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