10 memorable moments from WWE Tribute to the Troops

2010: Maj. General William Grimsley arm wrestles Kane

In Fort Hood, Texas, the U.S. Army's Maj. Gen. William Grimsley issued an open Arm Wrestling Challenge to any WWE Superstar. Maj. Gen. Grimsley expected to test his power against perhaps John Cena or even The World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry. It was The Big Red Monster, however, that answered the officer's challenge.

Grimsley was unfazed by the demonic and daunting task standing in front of him, grinning at Kane and flexing his muscles. There are few WWE Superstars who would even think about taunting The Big Red Monster, but Grimsley offered Kane a chance to back out. As the challenge commenced and the two struggled for victory, the major general continued to taunt the demonic Superstar. The battle would end without a victor as Edge made his way to the ring to confront Kane, much to the delight of the WWE Universe at Fort Hood.