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Why don't you get a job?

Why don't you get a job?

Renee Young is third-wheeling it with Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan on a weekend getaway, since Dean Ambrose’s then-current stint as WWE Champion means his free time is next to zero and he has less opportunities than ever to travel for fun. The oncoming Brand Extension is especially distressing to Renee because there’s a good chance she and Ambrose will be split up in the Draft and their time together could be cut down to the absolute minimum. Ambrose ends up surprising Renee with a trip to Big Sur, so that ends up working out, but Brie and Bryan are more than relieved they don’t have to deal with juggling the outside world with the hustle and bustle of WWE now that they’re retired.

At least, of course, until Bryan gets a call from WWE offering him a mystery gig that he’s not entirely sure he wants to accept. He’s unwilling to take an office job or a backstage job, but is on the fence about whether or not he’d consider a role on TV. Brie, who’s still trying to get pregnant, is miffed at the idea of having to reorganize their life once again around WWE but she knows Bryan could use some good news lately and gives her blessing anyway. Luckily, it only turns out to be a commentary gig for the Cruiserweight Classic, which means it’s not a giant time commitment and Bryan’s smile comes back for the first time in months. Yes!

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