Hornswoggle wins a Cruiserweight Open (new champion)

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July 22, 2007

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Our fans in San Jose's sold-out HP Pavilion erupted to its feet to hail a new Cruiserweight Champion Sunday night. Unfortunately, some of our more vertically challenged fans might have had a harder time seeing the new Cruiserweight Champion, Hornswoggle, celebrate with his new gold atop the SmackDown announcers' table.

It was originally thought that tonight's Cruiserweight Championship Open would involve only five Superstars -- Jimmy Wang Yang, Shannon Moore, Funaki, Jamie Noble and then-Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero. But when Hornswoggle momentarily darted across the squared circle before heading back under the ring apron, no one realized that the bell had also rung to signal the start of the match -- or that SmackDown's ring leprechaun had officially made himself an entrant.

Needless to say, Hornswoggle falls well within the 215-pound weight limit that's stipulated in Cruiserweight rules, so there was no reason why he couldn't participate in Sunday's contest. But one can't help consider his pint-sized involvement as a supersized twist of irony for the champion going into the match, Chavo Guerrero, who was also a surprise entrant when he won the title in a Cruiserweight Open at last February's No Way Out.

Every Cruiserweight competitor came close to winning the title with multiple near-falls, but SmackDown announcer John Bradshaw Layfield pointed out that the only way to win such a melee match-up was to isolate an opponent. Well, little Hornswoggle's big ears must have perked up at JBL's observation, because that's exactly what he did; seeing Jamie Noble lying stunned on the canvas, the diminutive Irishman climbed up top and executed a perfect Tadpole Splash to pick up the three-count.

Hornswoggle's announcer table celebration -- which included semi-high-fives to JBL --would be cut short as an irate Chavo and four other Cruiserweights chased him back under the ring apron. But as he exited out the other side and scampered up the ramp, our fans could see the full-blown excitement in his tiny face. Without question, The Great American Bash will go down as the biggest night in Hornswoggle's life.

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