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Hardys rewriting history at the Bash?

Hardys rewriting history at the Bash?

Sibling rivalries are as common among brothers as black eyes are for WWE Superstars. The competitive spirit that spawns among kin as close in age as Matt and Jeff Hardy (Matt is three years Jeff's elder), is normally something that's uncontrollable.

However, as with most things involving the duo, the colloquial definition of "normalcy" is something which they defy. The petty jealousy that could very well overcome them as each attempts to be successful in the singles division -- after deciding to go on hiatus as a tag team -- simply doesn't exist.

"We believe very strongly in each other," Jeff told WWE.com "We believe in our talent and that we can both be top singles Superstars in the company. Whether we're on the same show or on different shows, we're still a team. The Hardys are bigger than ever, and both Matt and I plan to keep it that way."
Jeff's sincerity is unquestionable. Try to pry for some animosity in his words. Try and dig for it. Hell, ask anyone who knows the Hardys, and the same response will be repeated over and over again: Matt and Jeff are just as unified when they're vying for tag team gold as when they're gunning for singles championships.

"We're happy when the other succeeds," added Matt. "Even though we may not physically be in each other's corner during every match anymore, we're always pulling for each other."

To each pull out victories at this Sunday's Great American Bash, they'll definitely need each other's moral support. Jeff takes on Umaga for the Intercontinental Championship and Matt will square off against Montel Vontavious Porter for the United States Championship. With two dangerous, capable opponents ahead of them, both brothers understand the daunting task that awaits them in San Jose, Calif.

"I think the odds that both of us will come out with titles are similar; they're pretty good," said Matt. "We just don't quit. We don't know the meaning of the word ‘no' or ‘quit.' It's very feasible that we'll both win gold at The Bash."

If that scenario occurs, Matt believes that he and his brother would rewrite history.

"In the past, there were tag teams like The Rockers, where Shawn Michaels went on to singles greatness," he said. "Also, there was the Hart Foundation, where Bret Hart went on to singles greatness, too. For the Hardys, both Matt and Jeff Hardy will go on to greatness in the singles division. It's foreseeable, that in the future, both of us will hold World Titles."

Don't mistake Matt's confidence with arrogance, either. With the opportunity that awaits both Hardys this Sunday at The Bash, his prediction could very well become a reality and a foreshadowing of what's to come. One strength, according to Jeff, lies within the deep-rooted connection that binds he and his brother to family, and the responsibility they both feel to make their father proud.

"It would be awesome to take the titles home to Cameron, North Carolina, and do what we always do when we win championships -- take pictures with our father," said Jeff. "He loves to see us as champions. With a title around our waist or without, we're always champions in his eyes, but it'd be great to go home to our dad representing both Raw and SmackDown as two singles champions."

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