The 5 lamest Survivor Series teams ever!

#5 The British Bulldog & The Mean Street Posse (Survivor Series 1999)

When The British Bulldog returned to WWE during the late ’90s Attitude Era, he fit in by ditching the Union Jack tights and “Rule, Britannia!” entrance theme for a dirty pair of Levi’s and a generic guitar riff. At the 1999 Survivor Series, the big Brit found an unexpected kinship with other competitors who sported unorthodox legwear in the ring: the khaki-clad Mean Street Posse.

The three preppy frat bros might have fancied themselves street thugs, but few Superstars were intimidated by Shane McMahon’s pals who competed in sweater vests. And while Rodney, Pete Gas and Joey Abs liked to remind fans they hailed from the “mean streets” of Greenwich, it was a far cry from the London district that the Bulldog called home. Not surprisingly, the foursome fell to the diverse grouping of Mark Henry, Steve Blackman, Val Venis and Gangrel. — ZACH LINDER