Survivor Series 2013 predictions

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November 22, 2013

The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston (Kickoff Match)

Alex Giannini: Kickoff Matches place a unique form of pressure on the competitors scheduled to do battle; in addition to the Superstar in the other corner looking to tear you apart, there’s that whole setting-the-tone-for-an-entire-evening thing. Luckily, both Kofi and Miz are ring veterans, and I doubt either Superstar will feel any undue pressure. That said, Kofi was left in a bad way on Monday’s Raw, and who knows how healthy The Wildcat will be on Sunday? WINNER: The Miz

Bobby Melok: When Kofi Kingston and The Miz meet in the ring, The Awesome One usually ends up seeing stars after getting kicked in the face. The last time, it cost Miz the Intercontinental Title. This time, it’s personal, after Miz ditched Kingston on Raw, leaving him to be picked apart by The Real Americans. Kofi has shown in the past how wild he can get when he’s angry. This Sunday will be no different. Kingston will probably have a few smudges on his Nikes after introducing them to Miz’s face. WINNER: Kofi Kingston

Jake Grate: I always thought The Miz was an underhanded, slimy, disloyal worm, and his abandonment of Kofi during their Raw tag team match against The Real Americans proves it. Look for The Wildcat to get his retribution on Sunday. WINNER: Kofi Kingston

John Clapp: Kofi Kingston would be the hands-down favorite if it was apparent he’s willing to shed his easygoing demeanor and embrace whatever ill will he feels toward The Miz. Yet, that switch in attitude isn’t guaranteed, whereas The Miz has clearly abandoned his fair-play leanings. For The Awesome One, that’s a step in the right direction. WINNER: The Miz

Anthony Benigno: The Miz is mean again? Oh yes. As long as Kofi doesn’t kick him square in the face again — which he may — The Awesome One is about to hit his stride in a big way. WINNER: The Miz

The Miz: 3, Kofi Kingston: 2

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