WWE Champion Randy Orton def. Big Show

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November 24, 2013

Orton did show glimmers of his dangerous self at times. After yanking Big Show off the top rope and driving him face first into the canvas, The Viper came within a millisecond of pinning his massive challenger. And Orton’s resilience was on full display when he powered out of a pinfall attempt after being chokeslammed by the titan.

Still, the night belonged to Big Show. At the same event where he won his first WWE Title in 1999 (and his second in 2002), The World’s Largest Athlete seemed on his way to doing it again when the action spilled to the outside. Although the referee went down after an accidental collision, Show fended off Orton’s attempted chair attack and flung him into the third row of Boston’s TD Garden. If that wasn’t enough punishment for The Viper, Big Show went ahead and knocked him out on the arena floor. In that moment, the big man’s victory was all but a formality.

And then Triple H’s music hit. As The World’s Largest Athlete tossed Orton back in the ring and readied to pin him, WWE’s COO, Stephanie McMahon and Kane gathered at the top of the entranceway. Finding a loophole in their own edict, The Authority did not physically interfere in the bout, but they distracted the challenger just long enough for Orton to shake off the cobwebs and connect with an RKO. To finally put Big Show away, The Viper punted him in the head and pinned the giant.

Despite rumors of tension between the WWE Champion and The Authority, the group seemed to be on the same page as the “face of WWE” celebrated with his title. That was until John Cena broke up the party. Riding high after his successful World Heavyweight Title defense against Alberto Del Rio, the Cenation leader brought his hometown crowd to its feet as he deliberately set his sights on the WWE Champion.

What happens next with Orton and Cena is anybody’s guess, but things between WWE’s two World Champions are about to get very interesting.

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