Superstars pick their Survivor Series dream teams

Fandango captains "The Dreamboats"

It may come as a shock, but Fandango didn’t let his Big Show-sized ego get in the way of putting together a dream team that exploited the history of the ring’s most self-centered performers.

“Number one would be Shawn Michaels, because he’s a flamboyant, charismatic and handsome individual much like myself,” an arrogant Fandango said, unabashedly comparing himself to, perhaps, the greatest WWE Superstar of all time.

“Number two would be Rick ‘The Model’ Martel,” he continued. “Similar to HBK, with a very symmetrical face and a good tan. Ladies love him. And I would have to go with Pat Patterson. First Intercontinental Champion of all time, very aggressive in the ring with a really good mean streak.”

As if there wasn’t enough male vanity on his side, Fandango went all the way to England for his final partner.

“I’m going to go with Adrian Street, who a lot of fans might not know,” the obnoxious Superstar said. “He was one of the original flamboyant, eccentric performers of the late ’70s and ’80s.”

To take things even further over the top, Fandango conjured up an appropriate name and entrance for his team.

“Our team would be ‘The Dreamboats,’ and we would come to the ring in a boat.”