Is The Miz Team Foley's secret weapon at Survivor Series?

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November 16, 2012

And if they won’t march in line behind him, there’s something to be said for Team Foley uniting in spite of The Miz. Professional sports are littered with stories of teams who bonded in mutual distaste of their coaches, and everyone on Team Foley seems to dislike Miz immensely. He’s humiliated and defeated most of them at several turns, and at any length, he’s aggravated each and every one of them every chance he gets. He’s outwitted Orton, outgunned Kofi and nearly derailed Team Hell No by simple virtue of his awesomeness. (Of all his transgressions real and imaginary, though, we can’t really blame him for turning down a hug from Bryan. Both the beard and the man attached seem pretty prickly to us.) Such a divisive figure could galvanize the rest of Team Foley — who really have no love lost for each other — into uniting in defiance of their newest addition and giving Team Ziggler a fight for the ages.

With the fall classic fast approaching, it may take something just that dramatic to get The Hardcore Legend’s squad ready to rumble. We endorse Foley’s choice to let Miz join the team (we actually recommended it), and frankly, he was at the spot where no idea was a bad one. By thinking outside the box, Foley has flipped the script, changed the game and enlisted one of WWE’s most polarizing (and decorated) Superstars into his own ranks. And the results should be (dare we say it) awesome.

Well, that or it’ll completely blow up in their faces. Either way, like everything Miz does, it’s got “must-see” written all over it.

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