Is The Miz Team Foley's secret weapon at Survivor Series?

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November 16, 2012

For one, Miz is going into this match focused in a way none of his teammates can claim to match. Kane and Bryan are just as likely to throw down against each other as their opponents; such, we suppose, is the nature of the therapy-fuelled bromance from hell that is the WWE Tag Team Champions. As we said, there’s nobody on Team Ziggler who will likely catch the Intercontinental Champion Kingston’s eye quite as much as the man he defeated to claim the illustrious championship last month. And Orton, by his own admission, doesn’t play well with others. We get the sense that, frankly, his general happiness is directly proportional to the amount of RKOs he can hit in a given night.

Miz, on the other hand, wants Ziggler defeated. Badly. And he’s the only Superstar on Team Foley who seems to get the idea of the Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match: It’s a bragging rights contest, a brawl for supremacy among some of WWE’s best and brightest. To be the “sole survivor” is a testament to a Superstar’s endurance, and this contest is purely personal for The Miz (more so than for the others). Ziggler disparaged The Awesome One’s heart, ability and efficiency when he quit him the squad, and Miz will be looking for retribution via victory. In other words, a win in this contest is uniquely important to him because he’s the only Superstar on Team Foley who truly has something tangible — and personal — at stake (Kofi’s and Team Hell No’s titles are not on the line; Orton has vanquished Del Rio already). Miz has his faults, but let it never be said he’s faded quietly into defeat. Rather, he tends to bounce back resoundingly from the brink (case in point: WrestleMania XXVIII, where he snapped a lengthy losing streak by pinning Zack Ryder and winning control of WWE for John Laurinaitis). On a team whose direction is all over the place right now, a steadfast anchor with a history of clutch performances could be the difference-maker.

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