If Cody Rhodes is unable to compete at Survivor Series, which Superstar could join Team Ziggler?

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November 15, 2012

David Otunga

The coffee-chugging David Otunga could give Team Ziggler a burst of energy like a double shot of espresso.

The Harvard-educated attorney may excel at litigating in the courtroom and flexing in the gym mirror, but he shines in the squared circle, too. As the runner-up on the first season of NXT, a two-time WWE Tag Team Champion and the captain of the victorious Team Johnny at WrestleMania XXVIII, Otunga would bring credentials and experience to Team Ziggler that few Superstars on the WWE roster could equal.

In addition to overall ring skill, Otunga also already has familiarity with most of the members of Team Ziggler. The muscle-bound attorney has partnered with Del Rio, Ziggler and Barrett in the past. Not only that, but Otunga also has scores to settle with most of the members of Team Foley, including most recently, the powerhouse Ryback.

As an established Superstar with experience working beside his possible teammates, Otunga’s addition to Team Ziggler seems purely academic.

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