Seven 'feat' tall: Big Show's greatest accomplishments

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November 14, 2012

It is wise and right to fear Big Show as the World Heavyweight Champion. At 7 feet tall, 441 pounds and packing the power of a semi-truck behind his wrecking ball of a fist, Show stands as one of the most formidable and furious World Champions in recent memory, a colossus with few peers in the world of WWE after dethroning no less a champion than Sheamus at Hell in a Cell. The giant slugged The Celtic Warrior into unconsciousness not once, but twice, to claim the championship, shrugging the monkey of his 45-second title reign in 2011 off his back in the process.

Speculation is running rampant that the refocused Sheamus will be a lot harder to handle when the two bruisers butt heads for Round Two at Survivor Series. To anyone who believes The Celtic Warrior is a lock to win the rematch, however, we give a hearty “Not so fast, WWE Universe.”

Yes, Sheamus will take the giant to hell and back in pursuit of the “Big Gold Championship,” though the mighty Irishman would be wise not to underestimate Show a second time. From his very first days in WCW, The World’s Largest Athlete has stood among sports-entertainment’s most dominant forces. And for any fans (or Superstars) who may have forgotten that, presents seven reminders of why Big Show is the champion … and may well remain so after he faces Sheamus Sunday.

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