Sheamus def. World Heavyweight Champion Big Show by disqualification

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November 18, 2012

After the huge spear, Big Show began to methodically work over Sheamus with headbutts and a jumping elbow drop before stepping his size-22 5E boot onto the red-haired skull of his opponent. Never one to give in, Sheamus fought back valiantly as the WWE fans in attendance supported their hero with chants of “Let’s go Sheamus!”

The Celtic Warrior, his right bicep still bruised from his barroom scrape-up with Big Show, clutched onto the champion with a sleeper hold. The giant shrugged him off, prompting an incredulous JBL to ask, “How do you counter the strength of a giant?”

Sheamus, it turns out, had an answer.

As Big Show prepared for his patented splash off the middle rope in the corner, Sheamus got to his feet and lifted the massive champion onto his shoulders before dropping him to the canvas with a high-voltage electric chair.

Slowly, both men fought to a vertical base. With the WWE Universe solidly behind the challenger, The Celtic Warrior built a head of steam, delivering a high knee, ducking the KO Punch and dropping Big Show with a clothesline and brutal double ax-handle. The World Heavyweight Champion countered a Brogue Kick into a chokeslam, but that, too, was reversed into a devastating White Noise.

When Show amazingly lifted his shoulder at the two-count, all Lawler could muster was the word “Unbelievable.”

From there, Sheamus pounded his chest like a gladiator readying to finish off a foe and rushed toward Big Show with the Brogue Kick, only for his boot to strike the referee. The initial announcement that Show had won the bout was not without controversy, and Michael Cole and JBL debated the fairness of the decision.

Once Sheamus regained consciousness post–KO Punch, the irate Irishman brought the fight — and a steel chair — to Big Show, repeatedly blasting the champion with the weapon. Though fans in attendance clearly wanted The Celtic Warrior to continue his onslaught, a battered and beaten Big Show begged off and Sheamus threw the chair aside.

Discarding the weapon was not a merciful decision, though, as Sheamus immediately Brogue Kicked the grounded Big Show seconds later.

The World’s Largest Athlete may have made good on his guarantee that Sheamus would not dethrone him as the World Heavyweight Champion, but considering the manner in which he did so, did Big Show do anything to discredit Sheamus’ accusation of cowardice?

More to the point, is this rivalry destined to go a third round, and if so, what in the world can the WWE Universe expect the next time these two behemoths collide? With each brawl, this grudge has only grown more barbaric. Can either Sheamus or Big Show survive another showdown?

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