Sheamus def. World Heavyweight Champion Big Show by disqualification

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November 18, 2012

INDIANAPOLIS — The punishment unleashed Sunday night by Sheamus left World Heavyweight Champion Big Show in a wholly unfamiliar state of helplessness, but it fell short of earning The Celtic Warrior his second World Heavyweight Championship. (VIEW PHOTOS | WATCH EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Though it was Big Show who was left exhausted, battered and crawling back to the locker room after the closing bell rang, the cagey veteran used an underhanded tactic to retain the title.

Capping off a fortnight of despicable acts that included concussing Sheamus’ mentor William Regal and spilling many a frosty pint of brew in an English pub, Big Show pulled official Scott Armstrong into the path of Sheamus’ Brogue Kick during a critical moment in the title bout. The illegal maneuver, which became apparent to all upon viewing the replay, scored Big Show some breathing room as well as a valuable distraction. Sheamus joined WWE referees and medical personnel in checking on Armstrong, and as soon as The Celtic Warrior returned his attention to the champion, it was too late.

Big Show was lying in wait, and he pounced with a KO Punch the instant Sheamus turned around. Though referee John Cone, who entered the ring to assist Armstrong, originally counted the pinfall in Show’s favor, he later ruled Sheamus prevailed via disqualification because Big Show intentionally put an official in harm's way. From there, Sheamus — equipped with a steel chair — began a post-match assault the World Heavyweight Champion and the WWE Universe won’t soon forget.

Nearly 20 minutes earlier, however, both Superstars were upright and trading stiff blows in the opening moments of the championship encounter. Picking up right where their Match of the Year candidate from last month’s WWE Hell in a Cell left off, Big Show and Sheamus clobbered each other. The Irishman tore into the 440-plus-pounder with rib-bruising knees, and Show brought his XXXL-sized mitts down upon Sheamus’ chest with weltering effect.

Facing a larger opponent, The Celtic Warrior was able to put his speed advantage to use, yet the strategy did not always pay off. Sheamus launched himself off the top rope, but Big Show simultaneously propelled himself into his challenger with a giant spear. The subsequent mid-air collision created a ring-trembling impact and, according to Jerry “The King” Lawler, was a potential turning point in the match.

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