3MB def. Team Co-Bro

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November 18, 2012

INDIANAPOLIS — Bankers Life Fieldhouse was rockin’ on Sunday as 3MB rolled past the team of Santino Marella & Zack Ryder during the official Survivor Series Pre-Show on YouTube, Facebook and right here on WWE.com. (WATCH)

With Drew McIntyre looking on from ringside, Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal showed up in Indy ready to shred “Team Co-Bro.” The two former United States Champions, usually full of fun and games, were all business against the self-proclaimed “three-mendous” rock stars.

Co-Bro impressively worked in tandem to take control in the early-goings of the matchup. The Milan Miracle shouted “You stupid!” on several occasions as he grappled with his opponents on the mat. Santino went to use his patented Cobra early in the contest, but it might have been premature. Slater grabbed the green sleeve and tossed it from the ring, leaving Marella at an immediate disadvantage. The power-walking host of YouTube’s “Foreign Exchange” next attempted a double-clothesline on his foes, but missed both and splatted onto the canvas.

Long Island Iced-Z got the tag, but missed an attempted dropkick off the ropes onto Slater, allowing 3MB to gain the upper hand. Jinder Mahal, eager to make a name for himself at WWE’s fall classic, nailed a series of impressive maneuvers on both Zack and Santino. The powerhouse from Punjab showed off with a few guitar strums, but a miscue by the band allowed Ryder to soar with a missile dropkick onto Mahal from the top rope.

The self-proclaimed “Internet Champion,” sensing victory in his grasp, scored with a Broski Boot to Jinder’s face. Co-Bro seemed to have the match won, but Slater disrupted the pinfall attempt. Santino, having seen enough, dashed toward the redheaded frontman to even the odds. His efforts were fruitless, however, and he was dispatched to ringside by the former Tag Team Champion.

With the action becoming chaotic, Zack nailed the Rough Ryder on Jinder seemingly out of nowhere. Once again, though, the heroes’ chances at victory were thwarted, this time by McIntyre. The Chosen One had been lurking the entire matchup, and his physical involvement allowed Mahal to slam the hair-spiked Broski down for the win.

Whether or not the WWE Universe is shouting for an encore, 3MB is striking a chord in the squared circle as they continue to rise to the top of the charts. (WATCH WWE.COM'S EXCLUSIVE WITH 3MB)

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