Survivor Series dream teams: Kofi Kingston

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November 10, 2011

WWE.COM: What would Kofi Kingston’s dream team look like?

KOFI KINGSTON: I’m going to definitely put Bobo Brazil on the team, because he was so groundbreaking. He broke a lot of barriers and he was very entertaining.

WWE.COM: Plus, his finishing maneuver was called the Coco Butt. Who else is on the team?

KINGSTON: I got to put Shawn Michaels on there, because he’s The Heart Break Kid, greatest of all time.

WWE.COM: Daniel Bryan also picked Shawn Michaels for his team. You guys might have to fight it out for the rights to HBK.

KINGSTON: That’d be fine. I would love to go up against Daniel Bryan. He definitely is a technical mastermind and I could probably learn a few things.

WWE.COM: Strong team so far. Who else makes the cut?

KINGSTON: I would put Hakushi on my team, because I used to always love watching him and I think he was a big reason of me wanting to get tattoos. Obviously he took it to another level. How many is that?

WWE.COM: Three.

KINGSTON: So I need one more . . . Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. Again, another one of the guys who I looked up to and I kind of try to emulate a little bit.

WWE.COM: Old school NWA Ricky Steamboat or the crazy dragon costume?

KINGSTON: He’d definitely have to come out breathing the fire.

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