Survivor Series dream teams: Wade Barrett

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November 10, 2011

WWE.COM: You’re captaining an impressive team at Survivor Series, but what would your squad look like if you could recruit any WWE Superstar in history?

WADE BARRETT: First pick would be The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith. Being a fellow Englishman, he was always my hero when I was growing up. He’s one of the main reasons I became a WWE Superstar.

WWE.COM: Off to a good start.

BARRETT: Second pick would be Mr. Perfect. As a kid, he was one of my favorites despite the fact that he was always the bad guy. I was always impressed with his skills, his abilities in the ring, his movement, his athleticism, the way he looked — I always thought he looked very cool.

WWE.COM: Best hair in WWE history. Who else would you select?

BARRETT: I would pick Chris Jericho. He was obviously my mentor on NXT in season one. We had a good, successful partnership. I’d like to work with him again.

WWE.COM: Great team. Who’s the anchor?

BARRETT: Finally, I think I’d go for another fellow countryman — William Regal. He’s helped me out a lot with my career, gave me a lot of advice. I’m kind of following in his footsteps, so it’d be good to team up with him.

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