Big Show def. World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry (Disqualification)

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November 20, 2011

NEW YORK – Some may call it an act of desperation, others will remember it as a stroke of genius, but the fact remains – Mark Henry left Survivor Series with the World Heavyweight Championship. The World’s Strongest Man managed to get himself disqualified and salvage his title after a cowardly low-blow to Big Show, but Henry paid a serious price for his spineless act. (PHOTOS)

After the match, Henry tried to reinjure The World’s Largest Athlete, just as he did at Money in the Bank, but Big Show turned the tables and instead used the champion’s own tactics against him. Although he didn’t leave Madison Square Garden as World Champion, The World’s Largest Athlete indeed had the last laugh in Gotham by nearly crushing Henry’s ankle.

Mark Henry vs. Big ShowFollowing their titanic confrontation at WWE Vengeance last month – which ended in a No Contest after the ring collapsed – WWE officials made the decision to reinforce the squared circle at Survivor Series. Big Show ensured the ring’s stability before the match by running the ropes and jumping up and down. While the added support increased the chances of the ring staying upright, it would do little to stop the shockwaves from both Superstars trading blows, shaking all of Manhattan.

Literally the biggest rivalry in WWE, the conflict between Big Show and Mark Henry has endured for months, and only intensified at Money in the Bank in July when Henry inducted Big Show into the infamous Hall of Pain, leaving The World’s Largest Athlete sidelined until October. After Big Show’s return, the almost 900-pound combined weight of both ring warriors prevented The World’s Largest Athlete from finding retribution at Vengeance .(WATCH)

It was fitting for The World’s Largest Athlete to battle The World’s Strongest Champion inside The World’s Most Famous Arena, and the two titans certainly did not disappoint. Each Superstar channeled his inner rage and deep-seeded aggression toward one another. The highly-competitive match went back and forth, with both Superstars coming very close to victory. At one point, it looked as though Henry would win by count-out after slamming Big Show through the barricade at ringside. After returning to the ring before the count of 10, Big Show built a great deal of momentum, and even ascended to the top-rope to execute a massive elbow drop. At this point, Henry decided it was better to save his World Heavyweight Title, dodging the Weapon of Mass Destruction and intentionally low-blowed his rival, causing a disqualification.

Mark Henry vs. Big ShowAfter the match, The World’s Strongest Man attempted to rid himself of Big Show altogether by wrapping a steel chair around the giant’s ankle in a repeat of his actions at Money in the Bank. However, The World’s Largest Athlete recovered and saw the opportunity to achieve retribution. Knocking Henry out, Big Show placed the chair around the champion’s leg and brought all of his weight crashing down on Henry’s vulnerable ankle.

Big Show’s ultimate act of retribution may have caused Henry to require assistance leaving the squared circle, but has he only further enraged the World Heavyweight Champion? Find out on SmackDown, this Friday at 8/7 CT only on Syfy.

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