WWE Champion John Cena def. Kurt Angle

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September 30, 2005

On a night where the odds were stacked against him, John Cena once again found a way to survive, defeating Kurt Angle to retain the WWE Championship.
Early in the match, Angle worked the WWE Champion's ankle, setting up for his patented Ankle Lock. When Cena did finally gain the offensive, referee Daivari refused to count Cena's pin attempts. When one exchange led to a standoff between champion and referee, Angle managed to get Cena in the Ankle Lock. Daivari kicked Cena away from the ropes, but the champ escaped. After a spinebuster to Angle, Cena slapped Daivari twice. Daivari was set to call for the bell, but Kurt Angle stopped him, as the title would not change hands on a disqualification. As Angle pleaded with Daivari, Cena nailed both men from behind, sending them crashing to the floor.

Angle regained control as a new referee came to the ring, but all hell soon broke loose. Cena made a comeback and hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Angle stopped his attempt at an F-U by nailing the referee. Angle hit the Angle Slam as a third ref made his way out, but Cena kicked out at two. After missing a moonsault, Angle was set up for another F-U, but he grabbed the referee again to block it. Angle escaped, nailing the third ref with an uppercut, and attempted to revive Daivari.

As he was doing so, SmackDown referee Charles Robinson made his way down to officiate the match. Angle chased him away, thinking that Daivari was once again able to officiate. However, Cena nailed Daivari with a DDT and then laid down, playing possum to make Angle believe he was still hurt. As Angle entered the ring, Cena popped up, and finally hit the F-U on his third attempt. Robinson slid in the ring and counted the three, giving Cena the improbable victory.

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