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Instant Access with Trish

After defeating Melina at Survivor Series, Trish Stratus joined WWE.com Instant Access to talk about her victory, MNM and more.

WWE.com: Do you believe your victory over Melina proves that you're the most dominant Diva in WWE?
Trish: Well, I don't like to say things like that, but I think my work speaks for itself.
Mickie: Of course Trish is the most dominant, just look, she's the Women's Champion!

WWE.com: Do you think Melina or MNM will think twice before they mess with Trish again?
Mickie: Absolutely. Look at her! She kicked Melina's butt all over the ring!
Trish: Ah. Yes, I concur.

WWE.com: What advice do you have for any woman who has the dream of becoming a Diva one day?
Mickie: I think that you should go out and buy every Trish Stratus tape you can find! Study all of those because she's the best ever!
Trish: I thank you for the compliment, Mickie. Well, whatever your goal is, follow your dreams and reach for the Stratusphere. 

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