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Instant Access with Eric Bischoff

After losing to Theodore Long at Survivor Series, Eric Bischoff joined WWE.com Instant Access to talk about RAW vs. SmackDown, WWE vs. WCW and more.

WWE.com: This really hasn't been your night, how do you feel with your unsuccessful attempt to "screw" John Cena out of the WWE Championship. Have you underestimated John Cena?
Bischoff: What in the hell right do you have in the middle of the pay-per-view, telling me that I'm not successful. You think that's funny? Screw you.

WWE.com: Do you feel that your loss to Theodore Long shows that SmackDown is a superior brand to RAW?
Bischoff: First of all, I didn't lose, you idiot! I lost because of outside interference. I didn't lose to anybody. I had this freakin' monster come out of nowhere, scared the hell out of me. There's this freak! Teddy long beat me, yeah right. Kiss my ass.

WWE.com: How would you compare the RAW vs. SmackDown rivalry to the rivalry between WWE and WCW?
Bischoff: There is no comparison. First of all, I was in total control of my brand. Now I have so many things to worry about. McMahons coming out of my ears. I used to call the shots. Now I have to answer to a Board of Directors, to the McMahons, it's nothing like in WCW. It pisses me off almost as much as you're pissing me off right now. I'm done.

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