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Instant Access with Booker T

After defeating Chris Benoit in Match No. 1 of the best-of-seven series, Booker T joined WWE.com Instant Access to talk about the match, his wife and more.

WWE.com: How important is to get the early edge in this series and get the first win?
Booker T: Very important. Fighting from behind is always going to be harder. When you're behind, you can't make any mistakes. You have to try to get two up, three up if possible. I'm going to keep in going until I get that fourth win.

WWE.com: With the help of Sharmell, you have duped not only the fans as of late, but also someone who you called one of your best friends, Chris Benoit. Do you feel justified in your actions?
Booker T: I do feel justified. It is business. Friendship is very important, but to call someone your friend, you have to really know the person. You can't use that term to loosely. Benoit and I have been all over the world together, but in this business, it's all about being on top, being the best, and that's what Booker T is all about.

WWE.com: Do you believe that Team SmackDown is missing out tonight without Booker T on the team?
Booker T: Of course. I'm the most decorated champion in wrestling history. I know a lot of guys don't like me, but you've got to respect me for what I've accomplished in this business. If they want to go out there without me, they'll see what will happen.



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