The 15 greatest Survivor Series teams ever

#15 Team SmackDown (Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, JBL, Batista & Bobby Lashley)

Blue-brand loyalty coursed through the veins of Team SmackDown in 2005. Led by World Heavyweight Champion Batista, the five-man ensemble put aside their disparate individual objectives long enough to overcome an imposing Team Raw of Shawn Michaels, Kane, Big Show, Carlito and Chris Masters. Underscoring SmackDown’s shocking cohesiveness were several key eliminations that stemmed from tandem efforts. Rey Mysterio stunningly pinned Big Show after a deluge of high-impact finishing moves executed in succession: The World’s Largest Athlete only went down after absorbing a Clothesline from Hell by JBL, a 619 by Mysterio, an RKO by Randy Orton, a second Clothesline from Hell and, finally, a springboard senton splash by The Ultimate Underdog. 

Randy Orton and Team SmackDown topple Team Raw

Orton secured victory for the team, outlasting HBK to become the match’s sole survivor (the third time in as many years that Orton was the last man standing in a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match). Despite what may appear to have been a singular accomplishment, there’s no denying that Team SmackDown only earned the “W” thanks to their teamwork. (Case in point: Orton RKO’d Michaels but only after JBL, who had been eliminated, distracted The Showstopper.) For whatever they lacked in friendship, the members of Team SmackDown undeniably made up for it with focus and determination. — JOHN CLAPP