Kane def. The Great Khali

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August 23, 2009

LOS ANGELES - Kane's diabolical ways worked to his advantage, allowing The Big Red Monster to get the pin -- and the victory -- over The Great Khali.

Khali and Kane traded barbaric blows heard throughout the sold-out STAPLES Center and the millions of WWE Universe members watching at home. Khali seemingly had Kane down for the count - until The Big Red Monster grabbed Khali's brother, Ranjin Singh, and held him captive in the middle of the ring. Khali tried to aid his sibling, but ultimately, with the distraction, a low dropkick and a DDT gave Kane the mammoth win.

For weeks, the two SmackDown behemoths have been at odds. On numerous occasions in front of the WWE Universe, Kane seemed to back down when confronted by Khali for a fight. However, Kane's fiendish arsenal resurfaced when The Big Red Monster kidnapped Khali's brother, Ranjin Singh, until the Punjabi warrior was finally able to free his sibling. Kane did not back down from Khali, administering a ruthless beatdown just days before the two looked to settle the score tonight at SummerSlam.

Is this the end of the war between two of SmackDown's largest competitors? Will The Punjabi Playboy be able to recoup after the loss, or will the diabolic Kane lay waste to Khali once again? Tune in to SmackDown on Friday nights to find out.

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