Unified Tag Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show def. Cryme Tyme

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August 23, 2009

LOS ANGELES - At SummerSlam, Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show reigned supreme over an ultra-tough Cryme Tyme onslaught, continuing to cement their seemingly unbeatable dominance amidst the tag team ranks of WWE.

Though Cryme Tyme's determination rivaled the very heat of the California sun, the awesome tag team powerhouse that is Jericho & Big Show ultimately showed why the glimmer of their golden union shines the brightest. In the culmination of this hard-fought match, things looked to be heading Cryme Tyme's way, as Shad suddenly expelled Big Show from the ring, sending summertime shockwaves through the amazed WWE Universe. However, a golden celebration proved premature. After JTG heroically battled back from the Walls of Jericho, The World's Largest Athlete suddenly launched a stuttering knockout blow from outside the ring, giving his partner the monumental victory. 

When Chris Jericho used a special contract stipulation to replace his injured Unified Tag Team Champion partner Edge with The World's Largest Athlete, he instantly created a tag team tour de force. Despite sharing a "dislike" for each other in the past, the two elite Superstars quickly cemented their business union in impressive fashion, showcasing exceptional chemistry to overcome The Legacy at Night of Champions.

After proving triumphant against Jericho & Big Show with a disqualification victory on Raw, Cryme Tyme triumphed over The Hart Dynasty to win their opportunity at the coveted gold. Since being drafted to SmackDown, the dynamic tag team has been running wild. JTG used this momentum to score a huge victory over the first-ever Undisputed Champion Jericho, netting perhaps the biggest win of his solo career. Though he was unable to defeat Big Show the following week, Cryme Tyme continued to make a statement when Shad bravely dropped Big Show to the ringside floor below.

Though Cryme Tyme clearly possessed the desire, momentum and skill to capture their first titles, in the end, the extraordinary combination of Jericho & Big Show proved too much. And as the championship duo continues to run rampant through WWE, the question remains: Can any Superstar pair emerge with enough force to topple their elite alliance?

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