The 25 hottest SummerSlam matches ever

#25 Test vs. Shane McMahon (1999)

Making a first impression on your potential spouse’s family can always be tough — more so when dealing with the McMahons. Shane McMahon’s disapproval of his little sister Stephanie’s beau, Test, caused him to attempt to scare the Superstar away in a Greenwich Street Fight.

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The match was one of the most Hardcore bouts in SummerSlam history, as the two brawled with street signs, glass frames and chairs. Shane gained the advantage when the Mean Street Posse triple teamed Test and placed him on the Spanish announce table, setting up Shane for a devastating Leap of Faith from the top rope.

Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco rushed to even the odds after Test miraculously kicked out of the ensuing pin. Test then delivered a Pump Handle Slam and Diving Elbow for the win, causing Stephanie to sprint to the ring and celebrate with her boyfriend — free from her brother’s meddling. — JEFF LABOON