Seth Rollins def. Dean Ambrose (Lumberjack Match)

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August 17, 2014

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SummerSlam 2014

LOS ANGELES — In a personal clash that had been building for months, Seth Rollins stole a victory from Dean Ambrose when their Lumberjack Match descended into chaos.

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As former members of The Shield, neither Ambrose or Rollins made many friends in the WWE locker room. A lot of their enemies made up the Lumberjacks who surrounded the ring to prevent either Superstar from escaping the other. Their job was to toss either competitor back in the ring if he tried to flee.

The Lumberjacks included: The Usos, Kofi Kingston, Sin Cara, Titus O’Neil, Goldust & Stardust, Heath Slater, RVD, Cesaro, RybAxel, Damien Sandow (dressed as an actual Lumberjack), Erik Rowan, Luke Harper, Big E, Bo Dallas, R-Truth and Fandango.

As the action spilled outside the ring on a few occasions early in the bout, the Lumberjacks swiftly did their job. But when Ambrose and Rollins eventually managed to elude the lumbrjacks’ grasp, their fight continued at ringside, over the barrier and all over the sold-out STAPLES Center. In an effort to restore order, Corporate Kane emerged and ordered the Lumberjacks to retrieve both competitors.

While Ambrose was being dragged back to the ring, Rollins tried to make his escape. But The Lumberjacks hauled him back, as well. As Rollins was being returned to the ring, the unstable Ambrose recklessly dove from the top rope onto his former partner and Lumberjacks, sending bodies flying everywhere.

Once both Superstars were back in the ring, the two foes continued to fight ferociously. Ambrose struck Rollins down with a blistering clothesline, then used Rollins' own Curb Stomp against him! But just as Ambrose was about to capitalize, Kane intervened and prevented the pinfall.

"I am the future of this company."
- Seth Rollins

Furious with the interference, Goldust got in Kane’s face and Kane slapped him. Next, absolute bedlam broke out among the Lumberjacks, who engaged in a brawl of their own that resembled a battle royal.

After Ambrose cleared Harper and Rowan from the ring, Rollins struck Ambrose with a vicious blow to the head with his metal Money in the Briefcase to steal the pinfall.

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