Bray Wyatt def. Chris Jericho

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August 17, 2014

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LOS ANGELES — Chris Jericho and Bray Wyatt’s eerily personal Summer conflict embodied more than just two Superstars battling it out inside the squared circle. Rather, these two “saviors” waged an emotional war, consisting of menacing mind games that culminated in a classic SummerSlam showdown. In the end, The New Face of Fear showed Y2J and the WWE Universe that he is far from a false prophet; quite the opposite in fact. This monster is very real.

After topping The Eater of Worlds at WWE Battleground, it stood to reason that The Ayatollah of Rock 'n’ Rolla was the favorite at The Biggest Party of the Summer, especially when one considers that Wyatt’s fearsome followers Erick Rowan & Luke Harper were banned from ringside. However, as we have seen with this self-proclaimed monster, things aren’t always as they seem.

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Wyatt entered his matchup against Jericho without his followers by his side, but by the looks of the jam-packed STAPLES Center, this enigmatic Superstar had no shortage of followers.

With Los Angeles’ bright lights shining down upon these two charismatic Superstars, Jericho wasted no time going on the offensive, using his high-flying arsenal to gain the upper hand on his eerie adversary. That advantage didn’t last long; however, as the callous Wyatt quickly turned the tables on his flashy foe.

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As Wyatt and Jericho clashed, the boisterous West Coast crowd seemed conflicted on whom they viewed as their savior. Jericho, no stranger to competing in big matches, gallantly fought back amid The New Face of Fear’s aggressive onslaught.

Just as Wyatt seemed prepared to kiss Jericho goodbye, the 15-year veteran Superstar reversed his opponent’s frightening attempt into the Walls of Jericho. Jericho seemed unaffected by the Wyatt Family patriarch’s spine-chilling theatrics. That is, until the merciless Wyatt rose up into his creepy crab walk position following an impressive dropkick from the six-time World Champion.

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It was at that moment that Jericho appeared stunned, unsure of whom he was facing. Wyatt then capitalized, eventually sending his opponent into the barricade with a variation of his ruthless Sister Abigail. Making sure the City of Angels knew who was its true savior, Wyatt then delivered the sinister kiss of Sister Abigail a second time, sealing the victory for the frightening Superstar.

Now that Bray Wyatt has cemented his status as the sole savior of the WWE Universe, whom will he set his creepy sights on next? Well, you’re going to have to follow the buzzards to find out.

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