Paige def. AJ Lee to become Divas Champion

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August 17, 2014

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LOS ANGELES – AJ Lee and Paige’s “frenemy” status reached an intense peak at SummerSlam, as The Diva of Tomorrow earned a monumental victory over The Black Widow to claim the Divas Championship for a second time.

Photos of the Divas Championship Match at SummerSlam

Their battle at The Biggest Party of the Summer got off to a vicious start; as Paige reached out her hand to AJ, the Divas Champion bit her opponent and ripped out a chunk of her hair. Paige recovered, but was instantly out for payback, bouncing AJ’s face off the barricade and mocking her “frenemy” as she skipped away. AJ retaliated with a huge splash off the top of the ringpost and onto the floor, and eventually locked Paige in the Black Widow. But a reinvigorated Paige countered, sending AJ face-first into the mat with a Ram-Paige DDT for the win.

Paige talks about beating her “best friend” on her birthday

As Paige celebrated her Divas Title victory on what happened to be her 22ndbirthday, she picked a limp AJ up off the mat, hugged her from behind and kissed her on the cheek, then let her drop back to the canvas. After skipping away with the Divas Championship, Page yelled, “I’m still your friend!” leaving the WWE Universe to wonder how AJ will retaliate against her unhinged “frenemy.”

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Surely, their SummerSlam match won’t mark the end of the Divas’ rivalry, which has hit emotional peaks and valleys throughout the past several months. Paige won AJ’s Divas Championship the night after WrestleMania 30, shocking the world with a victory in her first match in WWE. AJ reclaimed the butterfly-emblazoned title from Paige when she returned to Raw after a 48-day absence. Since then, the “frenemies’” relationship has been full of drama, though AJ had been able to retain the Divas Title until SummerSlam. There’s no doubt AJ won’t rest until she has the Divas Championship back around her waist. For now, however, she may be forced to concede that Paige has her “frenemy’s” number.

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