The top 10 SummerSlams in history

#10 SummerSlam 1994

Venue: United Center, Chicago
Aug. 29, 1994
What's notable:
First public event held at the United Center; Hart vs. Hart; Undertaker vs. Undertaker; The Kliq collides
MVP: Bret Hart
Move of the night: Bull Nakano’s Sharpshooter-turned-full body lift submission hold
Near fall of the night: Diesel kicks out of Razor Ramon’s top-rope bulldog
Hidden gem: Bam Bam Bigelow & IRS vs. The Headshrinkers
Celebrity sightings: Leslie Nielsen, George Kennedy, Walter Payton

With his dramatic steel cage win over younger brother Owen, Bret “Hit Man” Hart retained his WWE Championship and extended his streak of stealing the show at SummerSlam. But SummerSlam 1994 has much more to brag about than just one of the greatest Steel Cage Matches of all time. The event also buttoned up the summer-long mystery of the two Undertakers, as the original and irreplaceable Deadman wiped out Ted DiBiase’s wannabe Phenom. The sight of The Undertaker delivering a Tombstone onto, well, “The Undertaker” was bizarre to say the least.

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Elsewhere on the card, Razor Ramon won his second Intercontinental Title and Tatanka shockingly sold out Lex Luger and the WWE Universe by signing with DiBiase’s Million Dollar Corporation. Let us not forget the eight-minute sprint between then-Women’s Champion Alundra Blayze and the Treasure Troll-haired brute Bull Nakano, a bout that goes down as one of the finest Women’s/Divas Title Matches in WWE history.