WWE Champion CM Punk def. John Cena, Big Show

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August 19, 2012

Punk began the match appropriately, storming into the City of Angels like a jilted, tattooed typhoon and opening the match with a bold strike against Big Show that, unfortunately, didn’t pay dividends. The World’s Largest Athlete had an early hand in the contest, manhandling Cena and Punk with minimal difficulty, backing up his own prediction that he, not Cena, would be the biggest threat to Punk’s title. Show made a methodical spectacle of his opponents, delivering thunderous, open-handed slaps — with his hubcap-sized hands — to the bare chests of both Punk and Cena that left the two men reeling and breathless on the apron.

Punk was the first to stop the giant’s onslaught, forcing Big Show to his knees and delivering a barrage of kicks to his tree-trunk torso. Punk then attempted a Go to Sleep that failed when he found himself unable to support the giant’s weight. Cena was next, hoisting Show up for an Attitude Adjustment that went sour when Punk interfered, sending Cena tumbling to the mat.

Show’s game plan — keep Cena neutralized and make it a one-on-one contest against Punk — seemed to be going well after the giant reversed a Punk crossbody to set him up for the WMD, but Cena’s re-emergence threw a slight wrench into Show’s plans.

The World’s Largest Athlete rallied quickly, though, stalking Punk outside the ring and hurling him like a rag doll into the ropes. Cena seemed to gain the upper hand briefly, felling the giant and nearly landing a Five Knuckle Shuffle before Punk caught the Cenation leader with a flying clothesline and hurling him out of the ring.

Punk made a play for victory next, locking Show in the Koji Clutch and attempting to make the giant submit. But Show rallied and broke the hold, opening the window for Cena to administer the STF. The World’s Largest Athlete powered out of that as well, stunning Cena with a powerslam and creating the opportunity for Punk to strike. Three running knees to the giant stunned him sufficiently enough for Punk to administer the Koji Clutch, while Cena locked the STF in again.

And then, the unthinkable happened: trapped in both holds and unable to escape, Big Show tapped.

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