World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus def. Alberto Del Rio

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August 19, 2012

LOS ANGELES – Amid the excitement of The Biggest Event of the Summer, World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus overcame Alberto Del Rio to retain his illustrious title, with a finish as controversial as it was clever. (MATCH PHOTOS)

Inside the sold-out STAPLES Center, the matchup between the fierce champion and his unscrupulous challenger proved extremely personal from the opening bell. Within moments, their struggle carried them both over the top rope and down onto the ringside floor. There, recovering from a fierce kick by The Great White, The Mexican Aristocrat roared back, slamming Sheamus’ head into the announce table. 

Back in the ring, the intense competitors continued to fight for the advantage, with both Superstars going for their respective finishers early — the Cross Armbreaker and then the Brogue Kick.  

They soon found themselves outside the ring for a second time, where Del Rio ultimately slammed Sheamus into the unforgiving steel steps. This set the stage for a major onslaught by the challenger, in which he utilized everything from the top rope to a sound strategy of grounding The Great White on the canvas. 

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