World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk def. JBL

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August 17, 2008

INDIANAPOLIS -- After constantly being called an undeserving World Heavyweight Champion by John "Bradshaw" Layfield, CM Punk endured yet another challenging opponent when he pinned the self-proclaimed "wrestling god" at SummerSlam.

When the Straightedge Superstar exercised his title match opportunity, cashing in his Money in the Bank Ladder Match reward from WrestleMania and taking advantage of a semi-conscious Edge, it was met with some controversy. JBL was not quiet when it came to his opinion of the title's validity being compromised -- even after he challenged and lost to CM Punk the night the Straightedge Superstar captured the gold.

JBL earned this SummerSlam showdown on Raw  when General Manager Mike Adamle called for the Longhorn Loudmouth & Chris Jericho to take on Punk in a Handicap Match under the stipulation that whoever pinned Punk would earn a World Heavyweight Title Match. JBL's fortunate cover of the World Heavyweight Champion was widely criticized.

Despite his vast claims, JBL failed to make the most of his opening at SummerSlam, only adding himself to Punk's list of victims since fastening the gold around his waist.

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